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CCRTA Fixed Route Vehicles

Route NameBus IDTimeSpeedLocationHeadingDirection
H2O419:02 PM0 MPH31 American Way, South Dennis, MA 02660N (0°)InBound
H2O89:01 PM8 MPH6 Cape Cod Rail Trail, South Dennis, MA 02660E (90°)OutBound
Sealine19:02 PM55 MPHGrand Army of the Republic Highway, Barnstable, MA 02630E (90°)OutBound
Sealine179:02 PM8 MPH18 Center Street, Hyannis, MA 02601N (0°)InBound

CCRTA Paratransit Vehicles

Route NameBus IDTimeSpeedLocationHeading
3449:02 PM7 MPHUpper County Road, Dennis, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02670E (90°)