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CCRTA Fixed Route Vehicles

Route NameBus IDTimeSpeedLocationHeadingDirection
Bourne547:50 AM0 MPHGreat Neck Road North, Mashpee, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02649N (0°)OutBound
Bourne467:51 AM0 MPHCranberry Highway, Wareham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 02538N (0°)InBound
Villager587:51 AM0 MPHHyannis Transportation Center (HTC), Barnstable, MA 02601N (0°)OutBound
Hyannis Loop607:51 AM0 MPHHyannis Transportation Center (HTC), Barnstable, MA 02601N (0°)West
Villager907:51 AM13 MPHW (270°)OutBound
Hyannis Loop847:51 AM60 MPHMid-Cape Highway, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675W (270°)East
Sealine387:51 AM20 MPH1100-1130 Falmouth Road, Centerville, MA 02632W (270°)OutBound
H2O397:51 AM31 MPHS (180°)InBound
Sealine407:50 AM0 MPH6 Cape Cod Rail Trail, South Dennis, MA 02660N (0°)InBound
Flex417:51 AM26 MPHE (90°)InBound
577:50 AM8 MPH12 Bertram Avenue, South Dennis, MA 02660SW (225°)
H2O27:50 AM0 MPH357 Old Harbor Road, Chatham, MA 02633N (0°)OutBound
H2O97:50 AM0 MPH6 Cape Cod Rail Trail, South Dennis, MA 02660N (0°)OutBound
Flex117:51 AM0 MPH115 Massachusetts 137, Harwich, MA 02645N (0°)OutBound
H2O107:51 AM2 MPHEast West Dennis Road, Dennis, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02660N (0°)InBound
Sealine17:51 AM0 MPHSteamship Authority Ferry Docks, Woods Hole, Falmouth, MA 02543N (0°)OutBound
H2O37:50 AM0 MPH534 Winslow Gray Road, South Yarmouth, MA 02664N (0°)OutBound
Provincetown137:51 AM13 MPHShore Road, Truro, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02652SE (135°)OutBound
Sealine147:51 AM49 MPHFalmouth Road, Mills Village, Marstons Mills, Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02655NE (45°)InBound
Sandwch197:51 AM38 MPHSE (135°)InBound
Flex207:51 AM40 MPHN (0°)OutBound
Flex217:50 AM0 MPHMacMillan Pier, Provincetown, Provincetown, MA 02657N (0°)InBound
Flex227:51 AM42 MPH906-998 Grand Army of the Republic Highway, Wellfleet, MA 02667S (180°)InBound

CCRTA Paratransit Vehicles

Route NameBus IDTimeSpeedLocationHeading
3597:48 AM0 MPHN (0°)
3647:50 AM11 MPHNW (315°)
3657:50 AM0 MPHN (0°)
3667:50 AM8 MPH24-60 Job's Fishing Road, Mashpee, MA 02649W (270°)
3677:51 AM0 MPHN (0°)
3687:49 AM11 MPHNW (315°)
3697:48 AM6 MPHSouth Sea Avenue, Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02673SW (225°)
3707:47 AM0 MPHInman Road Beach, Chase Avenue, Dennis, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02639N (0°)
3717:47 AM0 MPHKnott Avenue, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 02561N (0°)
3737:51 AM0 MPHN (0°)
3757:50 AM10 MPHNW (315°)
3767:50 AM10 MPH405 Teaticket Highway, Teaticket, MA 02536SW (225°)
3777:50 AM8 MPH342-372 North Street, Hyannis, MA 02601SW (225°)
3787:50 AM7 MPH43-57 Massachusetts 130, Sandwich, MA 02563N (0°)
3807:50 AM0 MPHN (0°)
3827:48 AM0 MPHN (0°)
3837:49 AM0 MPHN (0°)
7:50 AM11 MPH141 Great Western Road, West Harwich, MA 02671NW (315°)
7:50 AM2 MPHSW (225°)
7:50 AM0 MPHN (0°)

Commuter Rail Vehicles

Route NameBus IDTimeLocationHeading
CommuterRail1703 7:50 AMN (357°)
CommuterRail1712 7:50 AMN (15°)
CommuterRail1720 7:50 AM30 Riverside Drive, Lakeville, MA 02347SE (146°)